About us

Femifiga is a project focused on regaining pleasure and sensuality. Female pleasure has been pushed aside, blocked and disregarded for years. Times are changing, we can talk loudly about pelvic floor muscles, orgasms, pleasure, pain and solo sex. We want to satisfy the desire for pleasure and beauty, and support building a sensual relationship with our own body.

We design responsibly. Made of natural materials, only European raw materials, in cooperation with Polish suppliers and companies.

Why Fig?

In many cultures, the fig has a double meaning. On the one hand, it symbolizes fertility, prosperity and happiness, but on the other hand, it is associated with vulgarity, impurity and danger.

This ambiguity, variety of associations and interpretations fit perfectly into our main idea. Because we focus on the woman, strong and conscious, but also the lost and uncertain one who needs support and self-confidence. And by the way, "figa" in Italian means "pussy"!