Set contains

Opalite Facial Roller

The opalite roller is an irreplaceable tool in daily skin care that brings relaxation and nourishment to your face. Made of natural opal, this elegant roller works at the level of the lymphatic system, helping to reduce swelling, stimulating lymph circulation and supporting the skin's natural detoxification processes. The gentle roller massage movements help in the absorption of care products, thus improving the effectiveness of your beauty routine. Additionally, the opalite roller has a soothing effect on the skin, reducing muscle tension and supporting regeneration.

Gua Sha Plate

The Gua Sha plate is a tool inspired by ancient Chinese massage techniques that brings intense care to your beauty routine. Made of smooth opalescent glass, the Gua Sha plate works deeply at the muscle level, increasing blood circulation and skin elasticity. A more intense Gua Sha massage helps reduce muscle tension, relaxing the skin and providing a lifting effect. Additionally, regular use of the Gua Sha plate can help reduce swelling, redness and even out the skin tone.

Opalite instead of precious stones

Opalite glass, from which opalite facial massager sets and Gua Sha plates are made, is an ecological and ethical alternative to traditional gemstones, such as jade. The choice of opalite as a material emphasizes concern for the environment and a responsible approach to production.

Characterized by a semi-transparent, milky color, opalite shimmers with shades of yellow and blue depending on the angle of light, giving the massagers a unique look.

Unlike jade mining, which is often associated with unethical mining practices and threats to human life, the production of opalite products emphasizes ecological and social responsibility. Greater awareness of this problem may contribute to changing the standards of the cosmetics industry to more sustainable and ethical ones.